About Auranos

Auranos.org is the online presence of Gartbeth Digital Services with its main headquarters established in the land of Gartbeth, between the Barony Parish of Glasgow and the County of Lanark as depicted within the red line on various maps.

The main UK office for Gartbeth Digital Services Ltd is Cumbernauld, Scotland, Videlicit:

Gartbeth Digital Services

173D Greenrigg Road

South Carbrain

Cumbernauld G67 2QD

United Kingdom

We can also be reached by telephone on (+44) 07903 064488

Gartbeth Digital Services Ltd is registered at Companies House (SC710279) and for VAT (392 6548 59).

Services Offered

Auranos.org provides a number of services all related to computing and information technology. The focus of the business at the time of writing is the supply, repair and maintenance of computers and their components to domestic and small office consumers.

A number of other services are available including consultancy, software specifications, hardware specifications, bespoke software solutions, novel microprocessor designs and fabrication, satelite communication equipment, fleet management services, time quotas on low to mid orbit communication satelites, data recovery, online educational courses and seminars on all things computer related.


The current focus on software solutions centres around a full stack web application written in house called the GDS framework. It is capable of being adapted to suit almost any needs and includes its own proprietory encryption technology to give extra security even against intruders able to see beneath the TLS/SSL layer of encryption.

Various modules can be deployed or developed for a tailor made software solution for your business. At the current time, the GDS framework v5 supports Paypal Integration, Social Media Logins, Instant Chat and Chatrooms and E-Retail, all of which can be made available according to the priveleges of a logged in user. In addition, the audio/video conferencing capabilities are currently under developement and will work without the need for expensive signal servers provided by major corporations like Google and Amazon. There is also a shipping address module under construction to make it easier for your customers to select their address. This module is based on public domain data and will not require a special license from the Royal Mail or any state monopoly in any global region.


As a digital service provider, Auranos.org has accrued special knowledge of markets for hardware and can provide various computing equipment either for rental or for purchase at prices which are competitive. While consumer computing equipment such as Desktops, Laptops, Routers and Printers can be supplied to domestic users and SOHO consumers, there is an infrequent demand for industrial scale computing equipment from server racks to specialised computing equipment such as differentiators, quantum memory banks, cryptographic processors, satcom devices and various analogue and supercomputing components as needs require.


In addition to the provision of hardware and software, Auranos.org provides a number of services, especially to those within the locality of Cumbernauld, Scotland.

The main service provided is the construction, repair and upgrade of consumer computers for domestic customers and small businesses. Windows Remote Assistance is available to users of Microsoft Windows within an hours travel of the Cumbernauld area. Help and assistance can be provided for Debian and Red Hat based Linux distributions such as Fedora, Ubuntu, Trisquel and Mint. Support is only available for Linux distributions which generally work completely "out of the box". No support is available at present for Slackware, BSD, Solaris or UNIX, however we can provide support regarding applications written for UNIX-like operating systems such as Apache, NGinx, MySql, MariaDB, Wine, OpenOffice, etc. Contact Auranos.org for inquiries regarding a specific need.