Security Acknowledgements

This page is dedicated to the mischievious army of white hat hackers who have helped make this application more secure by submitting a confidential exploit report detailing a reproducable means of exploitation such that the software does not work the way it is intended and presents a security threat that needed to be addressed by the software developer.

Thanks to the following people, organisations, pseudo-identities and penguins, the Gartbeth Digital Services web application is now more secure. The list of such entities who have found vulnerabilities in the software are as follows:

     .oooooo..o   .oooooo.   oooooooooooo oooooooooo.   
    d8P'    `Y8  d8P'  `Y8b  `888'     `8 `888'   `Y8b  
    Y88bo.      888           888          888      888 
     `"Y8888o.  888           888oooo8     888      888 
         `"Y88b 888           888    "     888      888 
    oo     .d8P `88b    ooo   888          888     d88' 
    8""88888P'   `Y8bood8P'  o888o        o888bood8P'   
    Stephen Duffy - Lead Programmer - Auranos.Org

This list will continue to grow as new exploits are fixed from the reports submitted to the email address provided on the standard website security file.