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What is this software?

There is no specific name for the software. It was written by SCFDuffy between the years 2018 and 2021. The software is provided through the company Gartbeth Digital Services of which SCFDuffy is currently the sole proprietor (as of February 2021). This is the fourth iteration of the application which has been under development since May 2020.

It borrows some parts from the third iteration of the application which was known as αurαnos but with more time for development this fourth version has been developed with scaleability in mind and the user account system is no longer run on a flat filing system but a MariaDB or MySql Database which can be deployed on seperate host from the web server if needs require.

At the current stage in development, the application is a barebones functionless web application which supports themes, user accounts and user administration functions. It has been designed Mobile First and uses a substantially wholesome global stylesheet providing styling for almost all HTML 5 elements.

While there is no official name for the application so far, there is an intended use that the application is being built for and it is likely that the final name of the application will be based on the name of the first instance of a successful community use of the the fully functional final application. In the present, Gartbeth Digital Services Web Application v4 is the unofficial internal name for the application but this will likely be changed once the application is launched online for the first time.

SCFDuffy (trading as Gartbeth Digital Services) - February 2021.

Who wrote this software?

This software was written by SCFDuffy (trading as Gartbeth Digital Services) between 2018 and 2021, based on a substantial work which was in constant internal development since 2004 but was lost in during an unforgettable fire.

SCFDuffy is a single childless impoverished developer with an outspoken attitude about the appaulling realities of life in the real world compared to the fake reality show on the televisions and newspapers that you could really believe you were a part of if you immersed yourself enough in it knowing nothing about the degree of deception from the spiritual to the political that is going on at the hands of that whole world that seems to represent everybody except when you notice the cracks in the constantly painted over facade and realise that the only people who express a belief that slavery is truly abolished are the naive idiots who truly believe they are free and the those who are holding the whips and chains of psychological propaganda, state sponsored violence and enough bureaucracy to keep your head spinning while you are having your entire life deceived and exploited. He is also very outspoken and has an extreme allergy to people who not telling the truth about the nature of reality, saving only those naive idiots who, although they are not telling the truth, they have no reason to believe they are lying since they live in censorship bubbles of deception being trained to ignore the people who could relate the truths about a world of overpopulation, end of life care, abortion, euthanasia and every other form of genocide sold to the public like its some kind of sugary sweet confectionary. SCFDuffy is about as sweet as concentrated lemon juice drops.

Why are you so grumpy?

SCFDuffy appears to be grumpy but in reality he is very bitter with a huge chip on his shoulder. Alternatively, it could be seen that SCFDuffy is a dutiful christian carrying a cross for all the sins of a world which is a very different place from how it would present itself to be. Another possible explanation for SCFDuffy's apparent grumpyness, is that perhaps the world is a total mess and everyone going around wreathed in all those shiny white grins are not infact happy with the world but believe they can make it better by pretending to be happy while engaging in the very things that cause the world to be so very dark. Did I mention SCFDuffy does not watch television. SCFDuffy does not believe in Covid-19 in the way that the mindslaves watching the media have been programmed and commanded to believe in it, daring not to question the veracity of the people on TV or the political leaders who present themselves as being representantives of an electorate who do not dare question what the media or politicians tell them and such is the state of democracy in this joke of a system a person can only see for what it is having had at least protected their own capacity to think freely in a world which is consumed by all manner of deceptions... and like freedom of speech restrictions being supported by the biggest hate speech users of all, it looks like they will soon be out to erase the cultural memory that there ever was freedom of thought. Did I mention SCFDuffy does not watch TV?

How does this fit in with the software?

I had to write this big ass web page called the help page and I'm not even American enough to use phrases like big ass without sounding unamerican, which I'm not because I've never lived there in my life but since there's no British equivelent for phrases like big ass and bullshit, I borrow them into the centre of my Britishness so that those perusing my ramblings will manage to capture some of the emotion expressed in what I write. While there is no British equivelent for Bologné!, I choose not to use that phrase since there is a much more apt Scottish phrase called Shit Talk! which I prefer as it conveys a certain snap to it which is frankly what is deserved by those who engage in the practice of Shit Talk.

This also gives me an opportunity to vent at the censored social media (which is a newly extremely greater phenomenon since 2020) who will ban me from their platforms looking like some right wing conspiracy nutter since I posted a photo of Adolf Hitler in response to some politician saying something like "new powers for the government..." this time to engage in what is effectively unambiguous violations of the Nuremberge Code. When I was kid, Adolf Hitler was the epitomé of right wing extremist ideologies and now it seems if you condemn thos who engage in these same policies in the 21st century, your a right wing extremist and there's no conspiracy and it`s all just theory even when we are living in the proof that it is no theory and there is the evidence of all those people behaving like `actual nazis`... but it's all just a theory. Am I the crazy one, or is it T.H.E.M.?