IT Support

IT Support Services

If you are a small to medium enterprise, a S.O.H.O. startup or even a home user, its unlikely you can afford to payroll an entire IT department to meet your IT needs. has the ideal solution for you.

Lost of small businesses need IT support and even though individually they can't afford a whole IT department in combination with one another, for a fee commensurate to the resources a business requires, your own virtual IT department can be at your disposal at a price you can afford.

Whether one of your employees has an issue with the email settings or you need database backups on a rolling basis, can cover all your IT needs. As a repair shop, we are never short of the skills, knowledge and equipment to fix any hardare issues and as a software developer, we are not short on solutions to any technical problems you may encounter.

An organisation as large as 200 employees might have an IT department as large as 5 people with an average salary of 30K. Perhaps you are a business with perhaps yourself as the only employee. Why not contact us about how much it will cost to get a share of the IT Support resources we have on hand for our IT Support customers.

We can provide your business with everything you need from Remote Assistance and Social Media management to Network Monitoring and Satelite Linked Fleet Communication Equipment. Whether you are a sole trader or a medium scale enterprise, your IT will be in good hands when managed by