Remote Assistance

Live Windows Assistant

Is there something you need done on your Windows Operating System but you don't know how to do it yourself?

Without the use of any special software, you can call on one of our technicians to take control of your operating system remotely and watch them live on your screen as they perform whatever tasks it is that you need done.

Maybe your settings are misconfigured on your outlook or you are experiencing error messages containing information for guru meditation that you don't understand. Rather than go to the time and expense of bringing your machine to us to repair, its often cheaper and faster to put out a remote assistance request to us.

This service is available for both home and business customers and requires no special software to be installed. It's as easy as pressing the start button and typing "invite". Which will present you with an option to "Invite someone to connect to your computer and help you" which will bring up the following dialogue:

It's as simple as sending us an email from there! Leave it to us and we will do whatever it is you need done from as little as £20 per hour which can be paid by card through our payment service provider paypal.

Why not open an account with us if you use our services frequently. Our IT Support

packages are available to home and business customers in the Cumbernauld Area starting from as little as £40 per month on a month to month contract basis which will be priced to cover all the labour costs for your specific IT needs.

Whether you are a home user upgrading your system on some particular month or a small to medium enterprise who needs your social media updated on a regular basis, we will offer a package which will fit your needs.