Social Media Management Service

Let Auranos do your Social Media

You've probably posted a link to your website on Twitter or Facebook and maybe you have did this simultaneously across a number of social media platforms, having to visit each site, one by one to recreate the content across the platforms that you are already on.

What platforms are you on? Have you signed up for all of them, some of them, dealt with the confirmation e-mails then set up each of your social media accounts in a way which is appropriate for promoting your business online? It starts getting quite complicated when you go beyond just creating a post here and there and look into the development of a whole social media strategy and there are a huge number of platforms out there all catering to different tastes and demographics. For example, Instagram has a 50:50 ratio of male to female whereas Facebook mostly consists of Males. Telegram is filled with people who value their privacy and human rights whereas Twitter caters to those who want to know what their favourite celebrities are up to.

It is a job in itself to research the ways in which goods and services should be promoted to each audience but it is also a job in and of itself to manage online advertising. Large organisations have entire departments dedicated to promoting their business online but if you are a small to medium sized enterprise, you probably dont have the resources to dedicate to promoting your business to the right people in the right locations in order to generate more business through your shop, your website or to your sales telephone lines. offers a pop-up IT department for small to medium sized business offering a wide range of services from computer repairs and web sites to social media integration and social media management. If you dont have the time to dedicate yourself to promoting your business on the likes of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, then call us on 07903 064488 and we can talk through what you want and what we can do for you.