Software Development

Applications Programming Services

Object Design

Gartbeth Digital Services can produce classes to your specifications in a selection of languages including Java, C++ and PHP. Our code can be produced quickly or be enhanced to work with optimally efficient. For example, the use of red-black trees to enhance search efficiency when objects are used at O(n) depth levels of a process within the calling application. Provide us with an Interface and we will produce a Class which conforms to it.

Versatile Technologies

Even though we have a proficiency in a number of the Web API's such as WebAudio, WebRTC and MediaStreams, Gartbeth Digital Services is not strictly a web developer but an all round software development company you can hire for all kinds of software development purposes whether you need something done in OpenGL, a Socket handler or scaleable database solution to meet the specific needs of your enterprise. Gartbeth Digital Services Ltd is a small company that can take on sub-tasks of the software development cycle at prices which will keep your costs down.

Systems Programming Services

Machine Code

Gartbeth Digital Services produced the only self-hoisting assembler for Intel Processors in the world which attests to our capabilities on Complex Instruction Set Processors. We also develop for RISC platforms including ARMs and 68000 offshoots.


Our head engineer has been engaged in systems programming since the days when VGA graphics technology was the latest thing and required direct controller access in order to select memory banks to map onto the systems address space. Cascading programmable interrupt controllers are no problem and the latest technologies like Thunderbolt and Bluetooth 4 can also be featured in any systems programming you are needing done.


We can provide blueprints and even fabrication of microprocessors and microcontrollers designed to meet your specific needs. Our designs will be built in such a manner that the finite state machine can be embedded onto an FPGA.

Software Specifications


If you have a large project in mind or if you need a specification for a subproject, you can consult Gartbeth Digital Services Ltd to have a full software specification produced which will be understandable to whoever you choose to write the actual software itself.

Call us on 07903 064477 to arrange an appointment or if you prefer, we can provide consultancy in an online video conference, audio conference or even email. Get in touch so we can discuss what your exact requirements will be.

Web Design

Professional Websites

We can write tailor made websites supporting e-commerce which are unique and graphically stunning. If you want something better than a wordpress site which makes you stand out as a provider of high quality goods or services, giving you an online presence which is state of the art and reflects more than just the goods and services you offer.

Our websites are scalable meaning that they will easily transition from a small shared hosting setup to a multiple dedicated hosts as interest in your website expands.

We can provide you with domain names and hosting and everything you will need to be online. Additionally you can count on us to do your online marketing whether it be handling your google business setup or creating and posting to social media sites to keep your business noticed on the web.


The Gartbeth Digital Services Web Application provides a checkout which has been verified by Paypal.

Our paypal enabled e-commerce platform allows our customers to take payments into their paypal accounts at rates of 1% to 3%. In addition to this your customers can pay by credit or debit card and can even arrange a hire purchase type arrangement with paypal as the financier.

With Paypal, your banking details are kept private from your customers yet you can still have everything you collect through paypal paid into your bank.

We can set up a new Paypal account for you and drop you the keys once its all done or, if you already have paypal, we can talk you through the various bits you need to do on your Paypal account to allow your new website to integrate with Paypal. You can also allow us to have third party software developer access to your Paypal account which will allow us to do the integration for you on your behalf.


A very simple website can be done for as little as £50 and can be put online within 48 hours. More complex or specially tailored websites can cost into the thousands and may take several weeks before they will be put online. It all depends what sort of website you need and we can assist you to provide us with a software specification for the website that will suit your needs and budget.

Call us on 07903 064488 or send an email to so we can have a chat about what your needs are.