Terms & Conditions


Terms and Conditions

This software is written in response to growing concerns about censorship and freedom of speech in the western world.

Over recent decades, particularly in western Europe, societies founded on the traditions of democracy, liberty and tolerance have become increasingly replaced by a new normal where democracy has become an obstacle to ambition, essential liberties have become criminalised and there is little tolerance of opinion which opposes such changes outside of a controlled opposition which is sponsored by an increasingly out-of-touch media seeking to promote a false reality to the billions, while funding and sponsoring censorship campaigns against anyone speaking the truths that the media does not want spoken.

The terms and conditions of the use of this site can be summarised as that the website and its services are not guaranteed to be available to those of low moral character. Distinctions of wealth, social status, race, religion, personal habits, nationality, statutory compliance, etc are unimportant criteria in determination of what we mean by an acceptable moral character. The following should describe to the unsure the kind of values the software developers wish to promote.

To put it briefly, we do not limit the words "slavery" and "theft" in the strictest manner possible and we consider slavery to be a form of theft and to exist in any situation of disadvantageous association where an associate has not the approporiate liberty to leave such association by the activities of an associate at who gains advantage of another associate who is at a loss not just in terms of a material loss, but also in more fundamental non-corporeal losses. We believe theft to be immoral, regardless of how hidden it is from the person who is at a lost through such theft.

Access to the website and its services is granted to those who share our mission to reduce and prevent iniquities such as they exist in our world at the current time.


Democracy has been put aside while wealthy corporations are at liberty to fund information campaigns, some of which are primarily aimed at public servants who now turn a blind eye to the incredible losses of public liberty to the extent that these appointed individuals as a whole can not only be said to have failed to serve the public but continue to do so as now overt internationally prohibited rights are swept away from a public now bereft of the protection of their very fundamental human rights and any political party which they can vote for prepared to acknowledge the liberties lost let alone change the direction of travel in terms of human rights which are increasingly becoming a long lost memory to children being born decades after the first aspects of western surveillance states were first being installed in disregard of the will of a people who once stood diametrically opposed to the Third Reich and the Soviet Union.

The fact that an "undemocracy" exists amongst the appointed is without question but this truth is swept into the controversialisation of self-evident reality by a highly organised main stream media and cult like worshippers of the phenomenon as if the truth were some kind of "conspiracy theory".

We believe the will of a fully informed people should be the only mandate for the introduction of "new powers for the police" and "the government introducing new laws" which have seen 28 sovereign states in Europe lose their sovereignties overnight while anyone daring to speak this truth has had their life put in tatters by slanderous campaigns claiming those concerned about the lack of democracy with each of these cutting new measures are nothing but racists, xenophobes, exploiters of the working class and overly righteous people ... for failing to support regime changes which have by 2021 swept away human rights including public worship.


It is hard to describe western liberty since there is no definitive exhaustive list of the liberties which are normal to western Europeans. It is far easier to express what is traditionally prohibited than what is traditionally allowed.

The English Common Law system defines a series of activities called Torts but in the decades since 1995 when the early surveillance state was first installed in the form of public CCTV cameras promoted as there to prevent crimes, many new crimes have been invented and the Magna Carta and other constitutional documents have been repealled either wholly or substantially to the extent that England can no longer be said to be a common law jurisdiction as far as the British Parliament is concerned which is now a vassal to the European Parliament in that even after decades of the anti-democratic dictatorship being imposed with mass media propaganda campaigns but no public mandate, after a referendum, after delays in withdrawal and after brexit day and after the withdrawal period and after the transition period, EU law continues to apply and those who violated the very sovereignties of the nations of Europe and the principals of democracy throughout, remain at large and unchallenged by a media which is being abandoned as quickly as the ballot boxes that the mainstream media is also failing to report on.

auranos believes the restoration of liberties is unachievable without public trials in international courts for the leading figures who have introduced these unmandated changes to democracy, liberty and ancient tradition. We believe that these public trials should be used in conjunction with a reverse propaganda campaign for the same time period as the violations have continued, denying access to the media for those who have been against democracy and sovereignty and managing the lives of those who have stood against our liberties in the same covert institutionalised fashions that have been used to suppress opposition to the unquestionable regime changes which have occurred in Europe.

In short we believe every legal means possible should be used to reverse the situation of what is effectively a civil war against human rights for a now disenfranchised unrepresented domestic population of working class people who are denied opportunities for advancement on the grounds of their honesty and failure to stab their own country in the back.


While slanderous propaganda campaigns condemn the truthful as racists and xenophobes and the exploiters of the working class and any groupwide accusation which will discourage the naive from giving ear to the alleged "hate speech" of the "nutty conspiracy theorists" and "covidiots" who are "anti-science" by a brain-washing mainstream media who have called it paranoia for the speakers of truth to relate quite clearly the direction that the main stream media run cult has been led :- up the garden path to a place where human rights are now the privilege of a predatory class and proclaiming themselves protectors of human rights to those who know all too well their human rights could be taken from them by those very predators at any time.

During all of this, efforts have been made to introduce alternatives to the main stream media's meta-censorship and slander campaigns which are backed to the hilt by those engaged in covert systems of "law enforcement" which has involved espionage and measures amounting punishment carried out without the due process of law and sometimes seemingly unrelated coincidental circumstances against the group that the predatory class have disenfranchised and socially excluded by slander against them as a group and by well organised whisper campaigns against them as individuals.

The disenfranchised group cannot be identified by any of the examples given in the treaties where previous instances of discrimination have been described but what we can say is that the group is not unaware they are being discriminated against through the actions of what is effectively a cult being led by a mainstream media which only appears to be diverse in the number of legal corporations it acts as, but is truly one organisation weilding enormous political and social power with the ability rig juries at will and to have new laws introduced at their own caprice.

auranos supports tolerance of all the world's religions, races, cultures to the extent we believe that human beings of all kinds of ethnicity's and economic statuses, gender, etc, should be more than capable of getting on with one another amicably but we draw the line at tolerating human-on-human predation whether this comes in the form of the interpersonal affairs between two individuals or as part of a larger social adversity whether this be carried out by private corporations or even government agencies. Failure to recognise human rights violations is to auranos the most serious of all mental health disorders and it should not be neccessary to present some formal document like the Universal Declaration of Human Rights or some legally binding treaty like the Interenational Covenant on Civil and Political Rights for a person to simply know the difference between right and wrong.

We do not have an age barrier on our web site but we do have a morality barrier. Those who either lack the reason or conscience to recognise how far from just our society in its present form is are not tolerated as anything more than pupils who may learn what they were never taught or the subject to bans because we have will to tolerate those who are tolerant of systemic human rights abuses.