Promoting Awareness of Spiritual Telepathy and Empathy.

This website is dedicate to the promotion of awarenesss of truths that lay buried so deeply in every single one of us, that we ourselves may not realise such truths to even be the truth.

We are all connected!

Uh Huh! So welcome to the internet, right?

Well wrong!

The internet is a tool which enables communication across the physical plane in a way that is better than any physical means of communication before. A whole new language has developed to describe this Cyberspace you can read this through (amongst other things) which also allows you to write things to others who can read what it is you have written. It is filled with rich content such that you are not just limited to reading and writing instantaneously with those you communicate with, you can also talk and listen and even view and be viewed using webcams as whole new areas of interaction open up in the form of 3D virtual reality worlds where we can virtually stand net to one another while at geographically distant places using a pair of goggles, each half pair of which is a screen for each of our half pair of eyes which presents the illusion of a three dimensional virtual world that we can virtually be in. A virtual reality with physical rules which can be programmed by a human hand, but it will never quite be the same thing as the real world with rules which were written by an ancient God, almighty God, a being we call the Deus Excelsius, the ultimate creator of all that is seen and unseen.

The Deus Excelsius

Perhaps it is an abstraction to describe the Deus Excelsius as having an existence since having created existance itself, such a one exists beyond any existence and it would be like a page within a book attempting to contain the entire book within it for a mere creation to attempt to describe the ulimate cause of all. Describing the Deus Excelsius is like trying to describe infinity, by pointing to a high number, then a higher number and the highest number I can point to, only to say that it is higher and beyond all highness.

The Deus Excelsius is not infinity but the very maker of infinity and I can at best call what I describe as the Deus Excelsius to be a mere abstraction of something beyond even my own capacity to comprehend let alone describe. Works of the Deus Excelsius led to the Sun, the plants which grow from the Sun's energy, the way that rain precipates when hot dense steam cools quicker than it can expand. We can certainly describe the rules of nature but we do not create or invent them. They are discovered by science, not manufactured by engineers, but let us suppose that the Deus Excelsius is like an engineer who constructed reality itself.

The Creation

God's creation is beyond human comprehension. We do not just include within the description of Gods creation the great and ancient things like the Sun, the stars, space, rainbows, mountains and things of enormous proportions but also little things like microbes and the tiny little grains on the faces of grains on the edges of grains that can be seen when you look at the side of a grain of sand. We dont even exclude the works of the Deus Excelsius to just the fabric from which things have been constructed either. Since the man who built a car go those materials from nature, having fed on things from nature and clothed himself from nature and since he is nature, in a very indirect way, the Deus Excelsius created the mans car, by the very hand of man. God is the creator of all things.

God's creation is vast and beyond our comprehension and our knowledge of it expands daily as both individuals living within it, and as a species where you might say science is the art of discovering things which have been created by the highest God. None of us know all of it and even if we could all be combined in the full truth of the nature of reality of Gods creation that we could manage discern in unity, it would still be less than the divine knowledge of the creator of all things and we are far from united and truthful with one another in regards to our existence on the physical plane where we can be seen, the cyberspace that has been constructed upon it, and indeed, the non-physical plane which has existed from ancient times, the unseen part of God's creation and we do not mean some abstract idea like a god beyond all gods, but an actual dynamic living invisible world which co-exists with the physical world that antiquity described as Uranus, Christianity described as Heaven and the modern world calls by various different names in whispered tones.

The Auranos

What this website is about is the promotion of the awareness of a invisible plane of reality that potentially pre-exists physical reality and is certainly the place from which the thoughts and emotions which drive our activities on the physical plane are being formed before we engage in any physical activity. It is the place of the heart, the place of the mind. I like to describe it by this:

Just as cyberspace is like a place which has been created from the physical plane, the physical plane is like a place which has been created from the heavenly plane.

This living invisible plane has many different labels attached to it from all the various peoples and traditions from around the world who have acknowledged it from ancient times and through folklore and is even a subject of modern story tellers who dress it in various guises so as to relate the truth to those who see it, in ways that will not upset those who believe the religious legends far more than the map for which the legends are for.

Uranus, Heaven, The Celestial Plane, The Astral Realm, Extra-Terrestrial, Mumuland, The Holy City, The City of Light, Zion, The Eternal City, The Promissed Land, Mumuland, Ghost-town, Otherworld, The Multiverse, The Spiritual Plane, etc, etc. On this site, we call it The Auranos.

Please read our pages and take part in the discussions and be a part of our community whether you are new to all of this, interested in learning things from scratch, or someone with a variety of experiences of the occulted plane wishing to congregate with others who will not dismiss their experiences as nonsense. If you have an interest in telepathy and spiritual communication of all kinds, then this is a site we hope you will love like a family in cyberspace, on the physical plane and of course, in that plane we call The Auranos.