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Auranos is the web presence of Gartbeth Digital Services Ltd, a home based computer business with its UK office in Cumbernauld, Scotland. Companies House Number SC710279.

At the Cumbernauld base, computers are repaired and new machines are constructed to customer specifications. If you live locally, you can make contact and arrange to bring your machine round for upgrade or repair. A stock of a components are available for purchase, most of which can be delivered next day if this is to your want.

Take advantage of the skills and experience of Stephen Duffy, whether you just need the screen replaced on your iPhone or you need to rent time on communication satellites. No job is too small and no requirement is too complex. See our prices for a rough guide to what it costs for the most common types of jobs needing done. is there for all your computing needs whether it be the purchase of a new or refurbished machine or advice before making a software purchase.

Just contact Stephen on
Telephone: 07903 064488

Whether its malware removal or the repair of physical damage to your computer, has been setup to cover almost* any need a home or small office user would need in the space of only 24 hours. *Some services may take longer so please get in touch if you need a job carried out quickly and maybe you can have your repair carried out within only a matter of hours.

Stephen Duffy

I am a long term computer enthusiast with my own portfolio ranging from microprocessor designs and assembly language compilers to full stack web solutions and virtual reality engines. I am able to develop for you in a number of languages including C, Java, PHP and the WinAPI. I have been building software and hardware solutions since before the first Intel Pentium was announced and have a vast level of knowledge and experience which can help you achieve the solution you are looking for.

I am versed in many aspects of computing from the quantum tunnelling effects of semi-conductors to concurrency and parallelism in networked processing across satelite communication networks but most people just want to know if I can fix their laptop or retrieve their data from a broken disk. In the vast majority of cases, the answer is yes.


The following is a rough guide to the prices for various services from No two jobs are the same so you should call in the first instance to get a quote on any particular work you want to commission.

Job Price Timescale
For repairs and upgrades to desktops, laptops, all-in-one PCs, tablets and mobile phones, please see the dedicated repair section). depends depends
Labour costs associated with all computer repairs, maintenance and upgrades from outside of South Carbrain. £50 ~ 24 hours
Simple website (One years domain name registration with security certificates with a simple branded homepage containing information about your business and the work it undertakes). £50 ~ 48 hours
Simple community website such as a forum or social media website using a tested open source software solution. £50 ~ 48 hours
Bespoke e-commerce website deployed using the Gartbeth Digital Services Web Application using PayPal. £100 ~ 48 hours
Malware removal. £50 ~ 24 hours
Data recovery from hard disks, USB sticks, phones, laptops, memory cards, etc. (per Terabyte or part thereof) £25 pre TB From 24 hours - please call
Provision of refurbished computers. depends ~ 48 hours


(See More About Repair Prices)

Is your computer not booting up?

There are a number of causes of what is known as a "boot loop". Most often it is caused by a software malfunction which can be repaired without the need to buy any replacement parts for your machine even if the machine has failed to fix itself. On a rare occasion this problem can be caused by a physical fault in your storage drive which can be replaced at cost for those having Auranos carry out the labour on the machine repair.

Is your screen broken?

If you live within the locality of Cumbernauld in Scotland, we can make arrangements for you to bring your machine round for a repair or for your machine to be collected from where you live. To arrange for a repair use one of the methods described in the Contact Page.

Are you experiencing some other issue?

Stephen is dedicated to fixing all kinds of computer related problems and will endeavour to have your machine fixed expediently, calling you to confirm you are okay with the any additional costs in replacement parts.

Obviously you do not want to pay such a significant amount toward repairing your existing computer when the price of a new machine is within arms reach of the cost of repair. In some cases you will be advised that the repair you need would not be economically repairable. In such circumstances we can restore your data onto a new machine and even cannibalise the parts of your old machine in order to enhance any new computer you buy. We can also advise you on the best machines on the market to meet your needs and even supply these to you, sometimes at discount rates.

There are an infinte number of ways a machine can be broken but if you want some idea of what the costs will be, you can consult the rough guide to apraise yourself with the issues that will be involved. In some circumstances, the price of replacement parts will be added to your bill and its always a good idea to check out the going rate for a part you will need by consulting ebay or some similar service. Remember, the one year warranty on repairs is based on replacement parts being new and from reputable suppliers. We can use refurbished parts if this is what you want or that is all that is available, but the warranty we provide on these parts extends only so far as the supplier is willing to offer any warranty on those parts. As a general rule our labour costs are £50 (including VAT) but people local to South Carbrain area of Cumbernauld receive a discounted price of only £30.


Is your computer too slow?

Some people choose to buy a new computer when their current machine is unable to cope with the latest demands of their updated operating system and the various softwares they rely on for their everyday computer usage. In the vast bulk of these cases, it is often more economic to just upgrade the machine which you currently use.

New advances in storage technology allow that storage speed of older computers can be dramatically increased leading to boot up times of seconds rather than minutes. We can also install more RAM and faster RAM into laptops increasing the overall performance of the machine.

Even the oldest machines can be given incredible perfomance enhancements by replacing the operating system with a linux distribution fully capable of running all your windows software.

The Very Latest Components

Auranos can provide you with the very latest technology to replace your old components and peripherals. Whether you want the latest CAT6 cable to connect your router or a new motherboard with the latest PCIe generation and DDR specification, we can supply and/or fit whatever it is you need if you are in the Cumbernauld area. Visit the departments of our online shop from the links at the top and see what there is for sale. You can bring your machine around to have these parts fitted, or if you simply want the parts, you can buy them through paypal and have them shipped to you today.

Other Services

Gartbeth Digital Services, the proprietor Stephen Duffy and the website is a computer specialist who aim to fulfil any demand for computer products and services. It is not possible to list every product or service available

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