Company Closure

A messsage to former customers.

Gartbeth Digital Services Ltd (computer and phone repairs), will be closing down due to the lack of business and the lack of ability to generate enough business to make the company worthwhile. We are having ourselves struck off the records at Companies House. This will be published in the Edinburgh Gazette over the next two months and in the likely event that none of our customers were lawyers remotely aware of whats written in the Edinburgh Gazette, it is considered pertinent that we let our customers know that within two months the limitations of responsabilities of our limited company (The split personality of a grease monkey of a computer repairman) will cease.

The only outstanding business we are aware of is our possession of one unrepairable chromebook belonging to a customer we are unable to identify. We have your "still not working" device should you with to retrieve. It will be disposed of in two months should you not make a claim for it. We are unaware of any other potential for outstanding issues that could relate to the time when the company was operational. Let us know if there is something outstanding we are unaware of.

As Jefferson Starship once said : "Someone always playing, corporation games, who cares their always changing, corporation names. Im just a grease monkey of a computer repairman, deleting a legal split personality which serves no purpose, dont think Im deleting my humanity. I would just like to solve any outstanding issues that could possibly exist before August to move on in life, so please get in touch if there are problems I am unaware of.

If you liked the service you received from us, then I will still fix your stuff for a price but its private business between you the computer user and me the computer hobbyist should we do business again. No income tax, no VAT, no money back, no guarantee, black or white, rich or poor, Im sure you've watched the TV too ...

The website, the phone number and all the company stuff will just fall to me as the director who funded it all in the first place and it will no longer be a website dedictated to computer repairs. You might want to delete it from your bookmarks as it could turn into a porn site or a terrorist training manual or something you simply dont want to be associated with. Have a look at our statements on modern slavery in the footer. Some people may be offended by the company's ethics and it is more likely to become a very unethical website compared to its prim and proper business appearance. The shirt and tie will be burnt in a bonfire celebrating free speech in a world full of a googlesploitation and corporation games.

You should be able to read a more shirt and tie version of this message in the Edinburgh Gazette if thats what you are really into but my guess is, you are more into World of Tanks and the Sims rather than all that bullshit, so be prepared for a shock if you visit this website after August. Fair warning! You will not find this website in the googleverse I have no doubt.

Constinuance of Service

Some of you may be making use of certain services available at parts of the site which are unadvertised to the general public which you have discovered through various places where we share ethical concerns. It is my intent that these services will continue to be available in some form. We support the internet of Vanivar Bush, not George Bush! I have as yet no idea how, or if, I will continue to provide these services. Having the freedom to do the website in disregard of potential customers (who may be offended at passive smoking while their chosen masters blow the world to smithereens and sweep it all under the carpet) means the website will likely become a parriah, shadow banned from anywhere the peaceloving evil anarchists would be embarrassed to be seen at. So fair warning to the faint of heart and a hint of things to come for anyone interested in things spoken about on "THE DARKWEB" as BBC and ITV and all the people who would throw Galileo in the jail to make themselves look pretty would call it. WATCH THIS SPACE ... if your ISP will let you access it.

Software Engineering is operating as a dormant software company at the moment.

Please get in touch to quickly discuss a time to call back to create a draft software specification. We will then be able to establish a cost for the software once produced and agree a final draft and timescale for the production phase of your software project.

Competency in 80x86 Assembly Language, Pascal, C, C++, Java, Visual Basic, PHP, Javascript, WebGL, WebAudio, etc.

GPS, Video Call, Data retrieval from corrupt storage devices, Cargo Monitoring and Tracking, Bespoke Virtual Retail Environments for rent. Click and collect, click and deliver. Satelite monitoring of international cargo. No job too small. Mobile first websites. Online marketing services. Game development. Mining hardware. Gaming Machines. Computer Repairs, Phone and Tablet Repairs. We do not trade in consoles or televisions.

See our contact details to make enquiries.

We are a Scottish Software Development Company with its headquarters in Cumbernauld near the M80 between Glasgow and Stirling. All enquiries considered. Before a price can be calculated, we must first attain a software specification from you. This will begin with your original enquiry and someone will get back to you to create a draft software specification with you, so that we each understand what it is you need us to cost, so we can afix our price for fulfilling the finalised draft, and on agreement on the price and the time schedule and the finalised draft will be the finalised software specification.

The production phase will then begin. Within the agreed time schedule, we will produce or cause to be produced, what we have agreed to using whatever payment method during the production phase if so required. You can be given as much access to information about how the production is coming along as you need. Some websites can take an hour of our available time, some assembly language projects can take months. It all depends on the complexity of your website and how bespoke the designer of aesthics should be.

There are a variety of licence types which we provide with our software. What we call a sale is the source code and the rights to do what you will with it. Most people will be more familiar with the purchase of a software licence when they bought a game, either on tape or disk or cd or dvd or by downloading online.

Whatever we have agreed to provide at the outset of the production phase, we will provide and have working for you on the set day of the schedule. We will then take the final payment and the system will be there for you to use as agreed.

If you change your mind about something during the production phase, we can always alter our software development plan but this will take some extra time to do and may involve more expense.

We take Bitcoin, Paypal, Bank Transfer, Cash, Visa, Mastercard, etc and WHY

Professional Website provides tailor made websites for our customers worldwide.


Join the chatrooms and talk to total strangers on the internet without being banned.

Remote Assistance

Having problems in Windows? Call us in to lend you a helping hand remotely.

Device Repairs

Repair services for phones, tablets and computers to people in Cumbernauld.

Welcome to Auranos

Your one stop shop for everything computer related

Whether you are small business needing a proper website or a medium sized enterprise needing an on-demand pop-up IT department, is here to help!

We offer a wide range of computer services to both businesses and the general public including remote assistance, professional websites, computer repairs and upgrades and we are fully equipped to repair phones and tablets. We can set up the social media accounts for your business, link them onto your website and we can even save you the trouble of managing your social media by doing it all for you.

All our websites are tailor made to your requirements and we can even offer advanced cutting edge virtual reality retail experiences for your customers to access through any modern browser. If you have any computing need whether it is simply advice on zero budget software to avoid the 365 subscription fees or if you would like an alternative fleet management system which does not rely on mobile phone networks to locate your vehicles, can help.

If you want to know more about us, visit our about section where you can learn a little more about us and see all our business information.

Computer Services is a specialist in "Computers". As the IT industry has increased in size and complexity, it has become increasingly difficult to categorise what it is we actually do in regards to computers. The actual answer is "Almost Anything". An exhaustive list would include such things as microprocessor design to time quotas on communication satelites, however these are not the most common services which provides on an everyday basis, so the following list has been compiled to give you information on the services you are most likely interested in.



At our Cumbernauld base we repair computers, laptops, phones, tablets, printers and generally any device that is somehow related to computer use. We also build computers to custom specifications here so whether you are after a budget PC ready for the next generation of the Windows Operating System or something specifically tailored to your own particular needs, get in touch with us and we will come up with a design at a price you can afford.

Whether you just need the screen replaced on your iPhone or you need to equipment and a usage quota on a communication satellite, take advantage of the skills and experience of Stephen Duffy who will be happy to assist you with all your enquiries. No job is too small and no requirement is too complex. is there for all your computing needs whether you are power user seeking to have the latest technology or someone happy to put up with a scratch or dent on a refurbished machine if it comes to you at a price worth paying for the quality of a pre-owned machine which comes with a full years warranty, contact Stephen in the first instance and see what solutions he has available for your budget.

Telephone: 07903 064488



Malware removal, repair of physically damaged hardware, machine upgrades, point of sale systems, tailor made websites, IT support, remote assistance, home visits, computer components available for sale on an out of hours basis, refurbished machines, data recovery, online consultations, domain name registration and secure web hosting, secure private email addresses, PCB fabrication, software development, website installations, operating system upgrades, Linux support, phone network unlocking, screen replacements and almost anything! Auranos can fix it!

All our work and the parts we use, including new and refurbished computers, come with a full one year's warranty so you can rest, assured that you've made the right choice when purchasing from us or commissioning our services.

About Stephen Duffy

I am a long term computer enthusiast with my own portfolio ranging from microprocessor designs and assembly language compilers to full stack web solutions and virtual reality engines. I am able to develop for you in a number of languages including C, Java, PHP and the WinAPI. I have been building software and hardware solutions since before the first Intel Pentium was announced and have a vast level of knowledge and experience which can help you achieve the solution you are looking for.

I am versed in many aspects of computing from the quantum tunnelling effects of semi-conductors to concurrency and parallelism in networked processing across satelite communication networks but most people just want to know if I can fix their laptop or retrieve their data from a broken disk. In the vast majority of cases, the answer is yes.

About Auranos

We are no longer VAT registered but remain a limited company for the time being Cumbernauld area, most especially Carbrain, Kildrum, Greenfaulds, Lenziemill and Blairlinn. is a trading name of Gartbeth Digital Services Ltd (SC710279) and we are proud to be a Nuremberg Code compliant employer. Our head office is at 173D Greenrigg Road, South Carbrain, Cumbernauld G67 2QD and we can be contacted through Stephen's email address or by phoning us on 07903 064488. Our VAT Registration registration number is (GB) 392 6548 59.