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The Temporary Main App is Currently Down

Followers of auranos.com may have noticed that the regular chat site has been down and has been replaced with an out of house content management system over recent months. There has been a note on this on the front page stating that it is a temporary measure while the upgrade to version 3.0 of the app continues.

Version 3.0 of the app remains available in the background at Version 3.0 and this version 2.0 app is being used temporarily to show a previous which can only work from the www-root directory (unlike version 3).

Version 3.1 with promised voice chat functionality remains under development and the learning curve of WebAudio, WebRTC, MediaRecorder, Blobs, ArrayBuffer, MediaStreams, etc in Javascript has been overcome to provide a pre-alpha system where the developer can talk to himself in real-time (woo hoo!), with the caveat that technically he is talking from the client to the server that is talking back to him.

The main issue at present is sequencing between multiple "push to talk" streams from the same user. This should be ironed out within the week at which point the version 2 chat client will be ported into version 3's object oriented framework and the out of house CMS will be replace with version 3.1.

This version 2.0 site has been placed here on the root directory temporarily replacing the regular installation to demonstrate past work and ongoing development (no kidding alot is being pulled from this to build the O-O version 3.0. The regular out of house CMS will be back shortly for its regularly scheduled temporariness and then version 3.1 will be put here on the root directory as the main site once the chat service of v3.1 is up and running.

Spiritual Telepathy and Empathy

Auranos.org is dedicated to the proliferation of awareness and teaching of spiritual empathy and telepathy. On this website we discuss those aspects of reality which are of an invisible in nature, but although invisible, unlike the invisiblity of abstract ideas, the things we discuss are the things which host those ideas but unlike the ideas themselves, these things are very much alive in their own right. Alive but invisible! Some might say such things are even human in nature, and in some traditions, these things are referred to as ghosts!

The Telepathic Human

Like every other creature under the heavens, humans are blessed not just with their physical body but also with their soul. The soul emanates into an aspect of reality which is referred to by different names in many cultures across the world since ancient times. On this site, we refer to this aspect of reality as the auranos, thought you may at times hear it being referred to by many other names.

The Domain of Uranus, The City of Light, Sheol, The Kingdom of Heaven, Mumuland, The Holy City, The Promissed Land, The Eternal City, Valhala, Hades, The Holy Spirit, The Holy Ghost, Otherworld, The Land Beyond Eden... , to name but a few. Descriptions of the place from across the world from the ancient to the recent, having their own translations in the English toungue.

Seeing is Truly Believing

People's experiences of the auranos vary from the uninitiated's dismissive disbelief in such fairytales to the terrified fear of the newly aware standing naked in the company of heaven as they always had done, but now aware they never could hide anything from the aetheric plane which has now revealled itself to be a place that always was but never made itself known to the naked newcomer before.

This website is dedictated to the remembrance of the auranos so that from one generation to the next, the auranos is not forgotten. We provide material to promote awareness of the existence of "fairyland" which a you can imagine in the first half of the twenty-first century, is quite a task. We provide guidance toward awareness and pariticipation in the auranos for the unitiated and we provide spiritual healing for those who have been freshly plucked from the dirt of all that is earthly. We also provide some insights and avenues of investigation for those who want to spiritually develop further. Such avenues include online community spaces on our website, so please join us, take part, and maybe you can also help provide people with the support they need as they transcend into that place that we call "the auranos".


Guidance for the Uninitiated
Guidance for the Newly Aware
Guidance for the Re-Entrants
Seeking Assistance from Ascendants

Guidance for the Uninitiated

This website, ironically, cares about your privacy in the material world and in the cyber reality upon which the material world rides on. In the auranos, there is no privacy. Even your bank details and government issued numbers are all known and you will be surprised to discover that the person making all these disclosures about all your personal information, is YOU!

The Auranos.org website employs some sophisticated techniques at keeping your personal information and financial details a secret, such that its only the machines who "know" anything about you unless you "choose" to reveal some information deliberately for others (or another to know about). From the material world we can construct systems to assure our website users that we aren't abusing any priveleged information they may provide us with.

Just as the material world rides upon the cyber world, the auranos, the aetheric plane, the place of souls, is riding upon the material plane and it too has constructed systems to assure the security of people's lives played out upon the earth. You can't just go to town, if you do not know the way and the way will not be easily grasped by the foolhardy so there are herculean efforts that the initiate may have to peform in order to gain the abilities by which the auranos may be perceived. We do not make these rules. They just are.

If you are understanding what I'm saying to you correctly, you will know that I'm not referring to some box in a warehouse of boxes into which the auranos fits. This website can be considered such a box in an abstract sense where the internet as a whole is the warehouse and this is just one site of many sites, or one box of many boxes, you can go and look into. When we are discussing the auranos, we are not referring to a box, nor to anything on the material plane, it is more that the material plane is the box and the auranos is the warehouse into which it fits.

To put it plainly in a way you may not yet understand, you do not "have" a soul, you "are" one. Your material body is the thing that you have. Your material body exists within the material plane, and since you are uninitiated this material plane will appear to you as "everything there is", but you are as yet unaware of the things which are unspoken within a bubble of the wholer universe where talk of anything outside of the bubble is dismissed, ignored, rejected, discourage, having the effect that there are many who simply do not know that they do not know.

Since you are reading this website, you are obviously intrigued and open minded to the idea that there is a telepathic reality all around you which must sound like a magical world you have every reason to believe is too good to be true. To believe that such a world exists is one thing. You can believe that your team will win the trophy or that you will win the lottery but just believing in something doesn't make it so. I'm not suggesting you should believe that something is true just because some internet site said that it was true. If I'm doing my job as a priest, shaman, witch-doctor, hyrophant or whatever you would use to describe someone like me, then my job in regard to pre-initiates is not to rob them of their reason and get them to believe me unquestioningly, but to encourage them towards the routes whereby they will gain personal experience of the auranos so that the belief is not shoddily founded on second handed accounts that there are people who say that such a place exists, but that you yourself, having experienced it for yourself will know, intrinsically that until you saw it for yourself, you were living in a bubble believing the shadows on the wall of Plato's Cave was the world in all of it's entirity. There is more! So much more...

Guidance for the Newly Aware

All your life! All of it! It's been going on all along and nobody ever told you. Would you have believed them if they did? This truth is not like any other truth and carries with it the baggage that the person who tells you may be presumed to have a mental illness and undeserving of the human rights that everyone should have as a basic expectation. All your life!

Before you were born! Those faeries that people claimed existed at times long ago. Angels in the heavens? But you didn't see anyone walking around with wings. Such painted angerls are metaphors. Being a newly aware person, now you know exactly what it means when a tradition relates about beings having powers "in the air". Witchcraft! Well maybe, but we dont need broomsticks to fly in these skies since thats not the heavens of "witch" we speak. How evil of us to have hidden this from you?

Embarrassing isn't it? You pretended to the whole world that you didn't maturbate but we caught you. We have been watching you fiddling with your genitals your entire life. It doesn't bother us, but it bothers you. Why should it? It's your genitals. Do what you want with them. Its no more our business than the fact you pick your nose when you think no one can see you. Some hope! You can always be seen. Same as the rest of us. It's embarrasing isn't it.

Be embarrassed if you want. Not like you'ld be allowed to read this inside a prison cell because you thought you couldn't be seen poisoning your wife or disposing of the dead body under the patio thinking only the police would be concerned about you committing a murder or some real wrong against another. The police can't see me lighting this big cannabis cigarette and when I'm done, neither the police nor my neighbours will be harmed by my activities but real wrong doing, something that genuine causes injury to someone and is not just some arbitrary crime created by government mandate. Well those kinds of wrongs dont just affect policy makers and people who expect the world to just obey them because they said so, those kinds of wrongs affect human beings with reason and conscience, many of whom have connections to this place you've discovered, that this website calls "the auranos".

The downside for the non-injurious people is that the non-injurious people have no where to hide, and if they are aware of this, then the non-injurious also know it to their shock and horror. The upside for the uninjurious people is that the injurious people have no place to hide either, and knowing that there is no place to hide, brings an advantage of opportunity to the newly initiated in that they can from a place of "knowing" and not just "blind belief", develop their spiritual abilities to detect situations where they may be in danger of injury at the hands of those who ought not to know that the auranos exists.

The unfortunate truth is that spoken of in the sacred books, that "the lord gives light to the eyes of both". When I awoke to my spiritual life in the late twentieth century, it appeared to me that most people who were aware and doing anything to suggest of the existence of the auranos were of an injurious nature and never spoke the truth directly, merely demonstrating their own telepathic abilities on those terrified by such things. Perhaps this is the reason for the silence which has gone on since at least Simon and Garfunkel were singing "The Sound of Silence" on peoples transistor radios. It seems they were aware of a place they could sing which involved no electronic apparatus whatsoever. Something that was around when the Book of Job was added to the list of sacred books when the Bible was being compiled centuries and millenia ago. Something recounted on the stonework of megalithic buildings in the cradle of civilisation long before Jesus was born or even Moses.

This truth you have discovered is an ancient one recounted in "fairytales" from the world over since prehistory. The silence about it is alarming and even in ancient China there are sacred works relating how the silence is the thing that makes he heavens auspicious. It's unlikely that those who are not yet readied on the way would believe what you have to tell them about this place you have reached to which the way leads. It will be mocked at as nonsense, even by some who are all too aware that the auranos exists and have much desire that no-one knows of the embarrassing things they get up to. If they just pretend it doesn't exist then, like a man with a bag over his head believing no one can see him because he can't see them, they live with the illusion that they can't be seen simply because they make-believe this reality for themselves alone. This is no big trouble, until they start insisting that others live in the illusion they are only at liberty to create for themselves.

As unintuitive as it may sound, my suggestion to the newcomer is that you make believe that you haven't seen anything at all. To pretend to yourself that the auranos doesn't exist will not harm the auranos although to forever forget may harm yourself, since you have a spiritual life to live in this other place which is not of the terrestrial nature of the world that you are used to. My suggestion to the newly aware is to remember to forget so you can get on with you're terrestrial life but at the same time, do not forget to remember and come back again as re-entrant, prepared for a world you have had a glimpse of that you are not quite ready for yet.

In this world, no injurious practices are permitted, and this impossible feat of living in ways which are non-injurious are least miraculously overcome by camels with humps preventing them from entering through the needle so settle your quarrels with you neighbours with a view that the world and all you once thought it was is going away. Slim down to a diet which does not rely on the exploitation of others and when you are challenged by the various challenges existing in the extra-terrestrial worlds, your own integrity will be your shield against these challenges, since vainglorious words and token gestures achieve nothing in a world where you have no skin that can be peeled off.

As the ancient Greeks put it, drink from the waters of foregetfulness (Lethe) and continue to lead your terrestrial life. Before you do though, drink also from the river of unforgetfulness (Mnenosne) so that later you remember and return. When you return to the place I speak of, be yourself, your superficial exterior is of no use in the auranos, your soul has nowhere it can hide. Dont forget you read this, even though you might choose to forget that you ever came across a netherworld everywhere that no one could see. What a load of rubbish right?

Guidance for the Re-Entrants

Welcome back witch! You thought you could escape the auranos if you just pretended that you didn't know anything but once you pass the gates of Hades, there really is no turning back. Did they try to make you forget and here you are looking, as if you desire to remember. The auranos already knows that you are here, infact, if truth be told, it probably guided you here when the time was right and still you do not know it.

You drank the water which made you forget and now you should see what has happenned to the water which you drink that would make you remember. Switch on your television. Go to the internet and find the lyrics of the lates music, the plots of the latest movies, or the storied which are being told in the news, in theatrical plays, or indeed in the nursery tales that you were told in your youth.

Not only is the auranos everywhere, its stories are told everywhere but in such ways that both the ignorant and the naive cannot see. Has Elon Musk gone crazy trying to take humanity to the place of the stars while he invents a brain to computer interface? Read the last sentence I just wrote and again and if you don't see something conspicuous about Elon Musk, a journey to Mars may be on the cards for you. Mankind has an ancient history of travelling to the Mars although it may be difficult to understand the meaning of this given the way this story has been presented to you in the days you were naive.

Donald Trump is attempting to construct a space corp. Does this mean much to you? The Popes and the Ayatollahs have had their own space corps on the go for centuries but when we speak of travel to places like Mars and Uranus, Pluto and indeed "The Earth", we are not speaking about the planets which can be seen by the naked eye when you look up at the sky and you can see there are stars that seem to move a little different throughout the night than all the rest. These stars were known as "wandering stars" and the Roman's named these stars in the sky after the Gods which held the keys to the heavens in pagan times.


You may find it alarming if you are Christian to be faced with a struggle that has gone on since the collapse of the Roman Empire which has dissolved truth into murky waters such that neither Christianity nor Paganism could be said to be the way for all who practice these religions.

Almighty God doesn't care what your religion says. Having created the heavens and the earth, things are as they are and they are so according the will of the Almighty who pays little heed to the superstitious beliefs of humankind. To put it plainly, if you stop believing in gravity, gravity will still have a grip on you. It is as it is because it is and beliefs are very unimportant.

A religion when it is fulfilling its function, is bringing the truth to the attention of those who are seeking. Having sought and found and perhaps having spent some years cowering in a corner gobsmacked at just how much you didn't know, you have reached the fulfilment of the promise, having been made aware that you have been asleep inside the belly of an enormous whale and now you come back, and you struggle to make sense of any of this "truth" beyond all reckoning that your religion didn't really teach.

I can assure you, if you look at the sacred books of your religion, the message is plain and visible albeit perhaps the meanings of words have been perverted by the culture that you live in. If you look at the various symbols associated with your religion, you will find that they symbolise truths you were made aware of when you were first being made to drink water from the river of forgetfulness.

The religions have cores of truth in them like the kernel nut inside a peanut shell, but the superficial shell also seems to be something peanuty and so it is that not all things which are "religious" are quite the same as that central kernel, and the diplomacy involved in separating truth from falsehood could set their whole world ablaze as there are presumed idiots who are more advanced than presumably highly advanced people of high rank.

Religions are there as one means to show the way to spiritual truth beyond all tall tales about the domain of the "God of the Dead" which has nothing to do with Christianity or indeed Paganism at all. The rankings of people within religions, as Jesus points out, are granted by men. Within this reality we live in, there are two real ranks, man, and Almighty God, under Almighty God the heavens are flat and the distinction beween the heavenly and the earth is of little relevance since even the earthling will have the heavenly as their guradians until they know the way.

The way the heavens and the earth have been constructed, it may seem to the earthly that the heavens are above them, but truly, they are every bit a part of the heavens as those who already know of their own presence there. Tales of cryogenics and people who have been suspended in animation and the story of the Sleeping Beauty are relevant. Just as Jesus said us "I say that ye are gods!", we are not the Almighty, and the various Sleeping Beauties are every bit, the same as us.

Karma and Will

Now you know that there is a way, you should know about karma in order that you should progress further. Karma is one law and its a law made by Almighty God and not by the earthly with their brutal ways of violence nor by the heavenly who have equally terrifying means to inflict their will upon the masses, but by Almighty God, creator of all that seen (the terrestrial plane) and all that's unseen (the extra-terrestrial plane).

Karma is a word from the Indian subcontinent which I think best sums up that phenomenon everyone will be aware which might also be called the law of return. When someone does you a bad turn, there is a will created within you to return evil for evil. Likewise, when someone does you a good turn, there is a will within you to return good for good.

In this twisted world that we live in, violence covers the earth and the threats made by the forces of "just us" against all people are nothing more than the self-same violence at its most supreme. In these circumstances you will find people returning a good deed in response to a bad deed in order to avoid receiving furthed bad deeds. You will also find bad deeds returned for good deeds by those seeking power over the fellow human beings. By the word Karma, I do not mean the actual realities of the equation of acts which are constructive and creative and of acts which are destructive and injurious, merely the will which the constructive act imbibes upon the affected person and the will which the destructive act imbibes upon affected persons. The will of return is the same in each case, albeit that there may be obstacles in the path of such return.

Karma is about will, and will, althoug soft in its nature on the earth, is the most powerful ingredient of all and the very reason so much is spent on advertising, on political propaganda and the various other places you will see everyone from the small fry to the super whales engage in practices which are designed to change the will of those that their information campaigns affect. The will is the more important ingredient of all.

Where Karma comes into play at this stage is that even though the lights havent gone out, you have suddenly found yourself very room you have been in all your life and when you are wandering about there, realise that you cannot yet see and be careful that you do not unneccessarily "start a fight" (as it were) when it would be a far more valuable thing to start a constructive relationship with "the other beings" who may appear to be taking residence inside your brain.

Once you have read what I have to say about Karma, and you understand its significance as something which can lead you eternal ruin or eternal blessing then perhaps its time for you to go to The Telepathy Beginner's Guide even though you have had some experience. This guide will start at the beginning so you are familiar with the terms employed when doing things a little more advanced like interspersing linguistic telepathy with emotional expressions and graphical emanations for those who do not just hear auricals, but have occular vision as well. Perhaps my terminology is a little techinical at the moment and sounds like jargon. This "jargon" undestood will be useful in acquiring meaning from others who are also familiar with the same jargon.


The Greeks gave a description of the lowest levels of the auranos which they called Hades. Known as the underworld to some, it was certainly a place which was hidden from the Helot's who feared "the Gods" who were merely human as they were but having been initiated into mystery schools such as the Illesian Mysteries which taught the things what the enslaved classes didn't dare to even think too much about, so enslaved were they.

The realm of Hades was described by Homer to have several "rivers", the first of which was the Acheron (the river of distress) along which the uninitiated travelled toward the gates of Hades where they met Hades' dog Cerberus and the wise would understand what it was they were seeing. The other rivers were given as the Styx where souls suffer for all their misdeeds upon the earth, the Phlogiston where the lives of those who escaped the Styx were burnt to ashes, the Mnemosne, where those who had passed the river of fire and ash could quench their thirst with a magical water that would cause them to never forget what they were experiencing, the Lethe which the newcomers were made to drink from so that they would return from whence they came having forgot that they had even been in Hades. If they had drunk from the river Mnemosne then even though their presence in Hades seemed to evaporate, they would recall Hades later and return. If they managed to bypass all the hurdles again having lived a better life, then they might eventually reach the final river in Hades known as the Oceanis which was a river so large that it was said to skirt the entire earth. These are our skies.

Our history is rich, ancient and worldwide and even the discussion of the creatures of the earth which are not human as we are, reading our internet and acquiring food and shelter by everly increasing complex means. The river Mnemosne from where we are, is a river that must be filled so that it flows into Hades realm providing sustenance to the confused and delivering messages in ways that they will not as yet comprehend. This flow consists of art which must be constantly produced from one generation to the next so that there is an abundance of water to impress upon the newcomers that they are not alone and that what they are experiencing is not some craziness as their leading henpeckers will encourage them to believe but an actual fact of life, albeit that it is a fact about a part of life they may not yet be living.

While there is a need for ferrymen and healers, celebrants and warriors, there is also a need for artisans who can relate the truth to the uninitiated in ways that they may not yet be able to comprehend. These arts include music and video, paintings, sculptures, poems, nursery rhymes, fairytales, theatric plays, screenplays, essays, stories and the various other creative activities mankind engages in which relate something profound about what will be tommorrows world to those who are not yet here.

If reading copious amounts of technical terminology is not to your liking, a list of "spiritual documents" embedded in the folklore and culture is being compiled at This Is Not Just Fiction which include such things as "Star Wars" where the auranos is described as The Jedi Force, "The Matrix", where Neo wakes up from the dream that the Earth was all there is. It doesn't just include movies but also entertaining reading material like "The Wizard of Oz", a children's book by Frank L. Baum that the Technicolor musical motion picture was based on, Music Videos as well as top music tracks which feature spiritual content in ways that may have at first sounded just like nonsense poetry until you take a second look.

While we can't host all the content we would like to due to both copyright restrictions and bandwidth limitations, we provide some content and synopsys of the content that we do not have to share as well as links to places to where such content can be found if we do not hold it ourselves.

We welcome you making suggested additions to the content we already bring to peoples attention on this link. The auranos is not fiction. It is merely mythical because the legends which are abundant on the earth are not the map itself and there is a tendency toward distress when people believe in legends to such an extent that they fail to notice the map.

Maybe its time to step away from your screen for a while. Maybe you should remember our document The Telepathy Beginner's Guide for later, if you're already tabbed onto a page in search of entertaining arts about what we call "the auranos".

Seeking Assistance from Ascendants

As you may or may not be aware there are a great variety of projects where people are being prepared for the journey which will last them a lifetime. At the current time we don't have any links with any of these projects but we seek them. These projects include churches, witches covens, masonic temples and various other religious offerings but the modern world is providing ever more varieties of methods and means to transcend from the small time shamanic practitioners to large scale corporate, government and military controlled projects aimed at bringing the world of tommorrow to those who perish in the world of today.

Things being what they are, we recognise that you may not wish to affiliate your organisation with this website at this time but your input is strongly encouraged and we hope you can recruit some help on our online community spaces towards the achievement of your organisation's overall goal of making the truth a conversation piece at dinner, rather than something that has to be practiced in dark corners for fear of having the embarrassing belief that we are always being watched, even in the places all the electronic security apparatus cannot see us. Before there was such things, there was always heaven, and babylon was always seeking to overthrow it.

Mistrust in all things military, government and corporate is at an all time high and we hope you will understand that we do not be seen as affiliated with you either but in certain places we recognise efforts of a gargantuan nature which seem to be aligned with the same pursuits as this small time website and the various people on it. We thus welcome any input of a metaphoric nature suggesting projects we may not have even noticed were going on with a view to to the great crossing for those who haven't already done so.

As well as seeking the help of large well funded corporate identities, our main aims are to seek the souls who have the knowledge who can offer the one on one personal help for those who are suffering their birth into spiritual life as well as those who are seeking to go through such suffering. Large corporate identities cannot do this job, only human souls can and we seek to have as many spiritual "doctors" (if you will) within our online community spaces as possible to guide the unwary, heal the newly aware and bring those who are re-entrant up to speed so that they too can provide help to those who are still unaware.

If you've been up the river distress, passed the gates of disbelief, fell back into the abyss and have swum back up and you are swimming confidently, please let us know so that we can vet and "badge" you as someone that any newcomer can see and turn to if they need support.