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Under Construction

The page is linked but not yet written.

Sometimes on our website, you will come across pages which contain links containing a link to this page. This means that the author of the page you linked from was aware that the page did not exist, created one but did not fill the page with any meaningful content.

We could do with some help here. If you see a page like this, we would be glad to have the page display and welcome any pages submitted to us through our admin email address admin@auranos.org.

With each page that is created on our the auranos website, new links are created so that each page will itself at the current time generate a need for more pages to be written. Let's put it this way, we need to make a special page to cope with the need to make new pages. At the current time, while the website is still under construction, we havent even built a page editor into our software yet, let alone a page manager so while we seek help in producing the content that newcomers will need to familiarise if they seek to find what can only be sought by seeking to find it, we are only able to receive submissions by email at present and hope to improve this state of affairs in the forseeable future.

If you are following a link to a page that is "under construction" and you think you could write that page, we would be grateful to review what you have written and include it in leu of the "under construction" page which omenously sits there doing nothing of any value for anyone other than telling them that a page hasn't been written and it may be one they really need to see for a fuller understanding.

Our List of Demands

Well we wont accept anything that contains code, adverts or external which would compromise our users so there are some things that we just will not accept straight off the bat. These types of things should be obbvious to those of sincerely good intent and we will not need to list them.

Our List of Requests

If your submitting a page, you're helping us. How impertinent would it be of us to demand that you write your pages in any particular way. If the content is good, we will format it ourselves if we have to but you could save us a bit of effort by posting it to us preformatted in a style that we can just slot into place that will work on our website. We dont even mind if you include external links, even to your own content as part of the overall submission, but this comes with the obvious caveat that funny links harvesting data or leading to all kinds of places that are up to all kinds of stuff are out of the question for publication here.

Format of Pages

If you look at the source of any auranos.org content with your browser, in amongst all the "87f897a8t78g8fd7g897g98 etc" you will you will find a section laid out like so:

<h1>[Page Title]</h1>
   <h2>[Article Title]</h2>
      <h3>[Section Title]</h3>
      <p>The Contents of each section
      should be enclosed within "p"; tags for
      each paragraph the section contains.

Writing web pages is an art and althoug we are mostly concerned with the written content, we realise that the general layout provided above doesn't fulfil all your needs so feel free to use the above as a rough layout to follow so that it appears in a way which is consistent with the rest of the site, making it smooth reading for those browsing through our site.

All kinds of design choices have been made in making the user feel as comfortable as possible when reading the content so if you choose to take a totally different layout, we will most likely reformat it into something that will "fit the bill" for the auranos website. We dont mind if you place a paragraph in a place you shouldnt but the page should have the same look and feel as all the other pages. Our style sheets are


at the moment which are all combined to create the overall style. Feel free to download them to see what your page would look like free from all the auranos "bric-a-brac" for page navigation.

The Only Other Request

Links to auranos.org pages should be href'd as "?p=page_name" rather than the full "http://auranos.org/?p=page_name". Both will work for a page submitted called "page_name.html" but the former "?p=page_name" style of link is preferred.

All the links that are contained within your page should be related to the admin because each link will need to be checked that its not a threat to our userbase and if its an internal page that hasnt been created yet, then a new under construction page will need to be created for it. This is the best we can do until the page manager page is written enabling our regular contributors to edit the website in a more direct and simple manner.