Welcome from the Auranos Chatrooms.
The listing of chatroom users is not yet implemented.

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Auranos Help

Welcome to the Auranos help system.

We realise that using websites which are complex can be very confusing so we have created a website which is extremely simple to use and should be extremely simple to read.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I add a question?

Auranos is not only a website containing content to help people develop their spiritual gifts, it is also a web application which is in "permanent beta" (meaning that it is always under development and being tested as new technologies are developed). We hope to improve the FAQ section to something more dynamic in the midterm (meaning that this is not undergoing immediate development but is in a project management chain which will require other parts of the web application to be constructed before a more dynamic FAQ section will be available.

In the meantime ...

You may have the same question that others are too shy to ask so we would really appreciate if you contact the admin with your question at the following email address:


We will get back to you as soon as possible and resolve your issue forthwith.

Do you share my personal data?

Quite simply, we can't stand privacy policies. They are full of legal jargon and are often found cluttered amongst other pieces of legal jargon on sites that exploit peoples personal data in ways that Richard Stallman, et al, highly disapprove of.

Anonymous Membership

You will note that you don't even need to tell us your email address to sign up to the auranos website and begin engaging with likeminded people through the community mechanisms that are available. There are of course limits to what parts of the site you can access if you choose to be anonymous but there is nothing to stop you having a basic membership even though we don't know the slightest bit of personally identifying information about you.

Validated Membership

The first piece of personally identifying information we might need from you in order to offer better levels of membership will be an email address you can validate by responding to the email we send to the email address you give. Although you could create an anonymous email address to get that level of membership, there is a potential that you could be identified by third parties studying your meta-data from outside of your dealings with us.

Your email address is not the only thing we may ask you to store. For example, if you are using any paid for services, we might give you the option to store your name, address, credit card number and expiry date so as to make it easier for you when you want to fill those details in again. You will be given options on whether to allow us to keep this data or not.

We will always assume you do not want us to keey data which is personally identifying, giving you the option to opt in to data storage rather than having to opt out.

We will never share your data with third parties except in the circumstances that a Writ of Mandamus has been issued by the Sheriff Court or Court of Session in Scotland ordering that we must share your data with a third party.

Are my passwords safe?

We operate a zero-trust security policy meaning that we don't even trust ourselves in the design methodology of our systems. The simple answer to the question is that we do not store password. We store a bunch of spaghetti that can only be produced by someone who knows the password. Everytime you provide us with your password we use it to make spaghetti. If the spaghetti your password makes is the exact same as the spaghetti your password made when you created it then we know that you the password, even though we dont.

Not only does the auranos website operate an HTTPS:// SSL/TLS encrypted website, on top of this level of security that is good enough for banks, we are old skool and still employ our own proprietary encryption mechanisms over the top of the latest TLS/SSL layer of encryption. Its not every service we provide that uses the extra levels of encryption but where there is informatiom being transferred which is not for public dissemination we start with thea assumption that there are members of the public who can see behind the SSL layer of encryption and provide a layer which is known only to ourselves and would take significant effort to reverse engineer such that the value of the data that could be harvested from such reverse engineering would be less valuable than the effort involved in the reverse engineering.

Your communications are very secure.

How do I write fancy in chat?

You will notice that some users are chatting in colourful text using various different formatting on the things they text. The Auranos chat experience isnt just about smileys which as most people will have worked out, appear in place of cominbinations of grammatical marks like ":)". (More on this later...).

Auranos.org chatrooms allows each user their own "default colour" which is initially set to a neutral dark gray colour. You can change this defauly colour anytime you want in your profile, in the chatrooms section.

As well as having a default colour which our users always type in they can change the colour midway through a sentence using a specially available html-like <col> tag.

Johnny can write:

A rose for all the ladies in the room: -<-@

by typing:<col='green'>--<--</col><col='red'>@</col>

In addition to the colour tag, you can also use some standard html tags to format your text. <b><i><u><s><em><sup> <sub> and <mark>.


A variety of emoticons are available which will show up automatically when you combine certain grammatical marks. For example, if you look at the colon and the close bracket while squinting your head to the left, it appears to be a smiey face on its side. The character combination ":)" will not show up as a plain old colon and close bracket but a smiley face 🙂.

You can also use a frown 🙁 instead by typing ":(" or a look of shock 😮 by typing ":o". You can even send a loveheart 💗 with "<3" or express your brokenheartedness 💔 with "</3".

There isn't a comprehensive list of smiley codes yet as this aspect of the application is still under development but there will be soon.

User Interface

Keyboard Shortcuts

When you're in auranos you can communicate using all kinds of strange and bizarre and never before thought of ways to communicate with all kinds of creatures, large, small, physical, invisible and even the abstract, however, auranos.org is just a website dedicated to the dissemination of information about a kind of a paradise that was once only a dreamland to those who have travelled and survived and the perls of seeing Hades dog Cerberus at the gates of hell.

This is only a website and websites have their limitations but we've tried to make things easier for those who like their lives on full broadcast. You can't communicate very effectively with a mouse and not having the resources or technology which is sophisticated enough to type out your naturally spoken language to the places you want it to go, we have opted to make some keyboard enhancements to make your life easier while you communicate using the keyboard.

  • Menu Button

    The menu button can be accessed from any situation by pressing the 'diacritical' button. What's a diacritical button? Its the key on the top left of the main part of your keyboard underneath the escape key. Depending on your keyboard layout it may represent a tilde '~' key or it could be for characters like ` , ¬ and ¦. People in Gaeilic, Germanic and Eastern European countries use the key as a latch-shift to create "diacritical" marks on the next letter they type such as çàǹ ßè ùǹÐ讧ŧóòÐ best by writing with such letters. :-þ

    If you want the menu button but its a chore to shift focus from the keyboard to the mouse, then just press the diacritical button on the top right corner beneath the escape key and the menu will appear at the top right of your screen as if you had pressed the menu button with your mouse.

    You can then use the up and down keys to navigate the menu item you want and hit return on a hightlighted item to act as though you clicked that item with your mouse.

    You can of course leave the menu either by pressing escape or by pressing the diacritical button as previously described.