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Repairs in Cumbernauld

If you live in the Cumbernauld area of Scotland you can take advantage of the repair services carried out by Stephen Duffy, the founder of, at his home address in South Carbrain.

As a new S.O.H.O. business keen to attract new customers, our prices for phone repairs for are very low but this does not mean you will be receiving a less than professional service simply because the advantages of the reduced overheads of a SOHO business are passed on to customers.

As with all repairs, the work will carry a one years warranty (*in most cases), and you will receive a booking in ticket when your device is taken in for repair and a receipt when you come to pick up your repaired device. This warranty covers the labour and the replacement parts so if you have any problems with the way your phone has been repaired, just get back in touch and it will be redone free of charge.

* In the case of water damaged devices, the work which is carried out on the device carries a full years warranty but no responsibility will be taken for the water damage causing corrossion to parts of the device which were not commissioned to repair. For example, if a screen is replaced, but there is corrosion on the motherboard, while some effort will be made while the phone is open to clean up any water damage, you may receive your phone back in a working state which eventually fails due to corrosion on the parts would have been prohibitively expensive to repair. In many circumstances water damaged phones can be fully repaired but caveat emptor: the warranty only covers the specific repair which is carried out.

Prices for common repairs

There are a large number of devices on the market which you might need to be repaired. The following is intended as a guide to our prices and is not an exhaustive list. You should call Stephen on 079 03 06 44 88 if you want a quote on the repair of a device that is not listed here. All prices are inclusive of VAT and cover both the supply and fit of the replacement parts. The repairs mentioned here are repairs which can be quoted and do not include other types of repairs where it can't be known in advance how much a repair will cost until the device has been looked at.

At the moment, our non-exhaustive list of repair prices includes only iPhones. These lists will be expanded as labour resources allow.

Prices accurate in mid-October 2021

Apple iPhone repairs

DeviceScreen ReplacementBattery Replacement
iphone 5£60£45
iphone 5C£55£45
iphone 5S£55£45
iphone 5SE£55£45
iphone 6£55£40
iphone 6+£60£55
iphone 6S£60£55
iphone 6S+£60£55
iphone 7£60£55
iphone 7+£60£55
iphone 8£60£55
iphone 8+£60£55
iphone SE2£60£60
iphone X£85£60
iphone XS£90£60
iphone XR£90£60
iphone XS Max£100£60
iphone 11£100£60
iphone 11 Pro£100£60
iphone 11 Pro Max£140£65
iphone 12£190£60
iphone 12 Pro£190£60
iphone 12 Mini£195£60
iphone 12 Pro Max£215£65

Samsung Galaxy Repairs

DeviceScreen ReplacementBattery Replacement
Galaxy S20£255£55
Galaxy S20 FE£150£55
Galaxy S20 FE 5G£140£55
Galaxy S20 Ultra£290£50
Galaxy S20+£295£50

All Samsungs covered. Call or Text for prices.

Huawei Phone Repairs

DeviceScreen ReplacementBattery Replacement
P30 Pro£85£45

All Huaweis covered. Call or Text for prices.

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Repairs carry a one year warranty and can be carried out in a matter of hours after the parts have been delivered. A deposit will be charged for parts where the part is rare or expensive and you keep the device in your possession while the parts are on order. All prices include VAT. Call for updates on our VAT registration as this has not been finalised at the time of publication.