Buying from Auranos

Products and Services offers a range of products and services to both the local community in the Cumbernauld area of Scotland and to a global market across the world wide web.

Local Services

Repair, maintenance and upgrades of Servers, Desktops, Laptops and All-In-One computers, tablets, phones and other mobile devices.

Tailor made desktops and servers for purchase or rental.

Remote Assistance for users of the Windows Operating System.

House calls to people within the South Cumbernauld Area.

IT support service for small and home businesses.

Data Recovery from any non-volatile medium such as hard disks and USB memory sticks.

Global Services

Bespoke software solutions based upon the proprietory Gartbeth Digital Services Framework.

Website design and construction using a variety of opensource groupware and content management systems.

Efficient database designs for scaleability.

Software specifications.

Hardware specifications.

Bespoke microprocessor designs.

Online Consultancy

Products Available to the Whole UK

(Please get in touch if you wish to place an order for a product from overseas.)

New computers from branded manufacturers.

New computers made to your own design specifications,

Refurbished computers which are still capable of running the latest operating systems efficiently.

Peripheral devices such as mice, keyboards, external disk drives, printers, routers, speakers or anything you can plug into a computer.

Components such as memory, processors, motherboards, storage drives, power supplies, expansion cards, server racks and cases.

Networking products including satcom devices for phones, routers, hubs, switches, cables, repeaters and network storage devices.

Other Products and Services specialises in "Computing" which is a very wide area. It is not possible to list every possible product or service can provide and your needs may be very specialised. If you are seeking a solution which has anything to do with computers, can either help you or put you in touch with someone who can.

Please consider for all your computing needs