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Designed by Professionals

There are a number of free website builders available on the market if you look for them on your favourite search engine. Some offer a vast array of options with difficult to define costs whereas others offer simple but limited design choices. All of these come with very limitied technical support, usually involving looking through an online community to see if anyone else has come across the same problems you have and whether anyone has been kind enough to provide any solution to the problem identified on the website builder.

A professional website is designed by a web developer who can tailor the website to whatever specifications you require. You are not limited to the features provided by a free website tool and the various technical details which may be involved in setting up e-commerce, groupware or the specific features you want on your website is a burden that can be placed upon the shoulders of a professional web designed saving you both time and trouble trying to find a website builder that has all the features you want and putting them altogether in a way which will not be offputting to your customers having to wait for generic website components to load before they see the content on your site. prides itself in being able to produce fast, efficient and responsive websites which will be as unaffected as possible by delays from third party web service providers such as google analytics that you may want to have running at your site.

Our websites are built around the Gartbeth Digital Services Web Application which permits versatile website designs while ensuring a single experience for your visitors as they move from page to page. We can incorporate a number of features such as maps, e-commerce, chat, community forums, video conferencing and immersive virtual reality experiences within our web sites but through the plugin feature of our application, we can easily extend the functionality of your website to preform whatever tasks you think relevant to your business which have not yet been developed so far. Websites

As you browse the website, you can see that despite the feature rich environment, the website is quick and responsive as though it were a static website but behind the scenes and without any noticible loss in performance, it is accessing your account (if you are logged in), talking to google analytics and doing various things which lead to delays in the display of content or the content loading twice once it a website has decided that you prefer a certain type of layout.

This is the difference between a website that is rolled out in a generic style and one which is deliberately developed to provide your visitors with and optimal experience.

Prize Draw is offering a free website to a small business or a just cause so that we can use it as a demonstration of websites we have done for other people.

If you would like a website as cool as this one, then email your details to the admin email address saying that you want to take advantage of our offer. We will get back to you to find out more exact specifications and any copy you want placed on your site. We will then put your website onto a subdirectory at this site and ask if you are happy with it and once the job is done we can send you a zip file to extract to your www-root folder or we can do this for you.

The site will come with a years technical support but it does not include domain name registration or webhosting which will be provided to the lucky winner at cost if they require it.

So if you want a free website designed for you, get in touch at the following email address or call us on 07903 064488. The final website will be linked to here to show our other customers the websites we have done in the past.